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Frequently asked Questions

What is it made of?

   Our concrete curbing is made by mixing a concrete grade sand with portland cement as well as other additives.


What are those cuts in it I see on your pictures every few feet?

   When installing any concrete application it requires what we call control joints or expantion joints. These allow the concrete to expand and contract with weather changes, as well as control any weak areas that might crack over time. With the control joints we can give the concrete a weak area under the joint to crack so it is never seen.


How long does it take to dry?

   Concrete takes 28-30 days to fully cure. After 24 hours pets and small children could walk on it without any problems. I always suggest waiting 72 hours before doing any work in or around the areas that have been newly curbed. Always be careful while cutting your grass but especially in the first few weeks. Your newly installed curbing may look dry but because it dries from the outside in it is not at full strength.


Will I have problems with it cracking?

   We take every precaution in our curbing to minimize cracking with joints, special additives, proper placement and more. Concrete is an interesting animal it expands and contracts so much during its life span its possible you will see what we call a hairline crack over time. This type of crack is very minimal and in most cases hardly noticeable. Anything larger such as an actual break should not happen. We stand behind all our work and have hundreds of satisfied customers so this should not be an issue.


Does the color fade?

   No the color does not fade. If you have seen a job that looks faded or have been told that it fades by a friend its because the sealer has broken down over time. There is some level of maintenance required with our colored curbing. Its just like waxing your car you want to protect your investment. Our sealer lasts around 18-24 months. After that time just give me a call and I can reseal it for a minimal fee. This will keep your curbing looking fresh and new for many years.


Can I run over it with a car?

   I do not recommend any contact with a car or truck in our 6x4 landscape molds. it is very possible you can bump into or drive up on it many times and not have any issues but that is not the application for that size mold. Our commercial molds and bumper molds are recommended for applications where contact with vehicles is inevitable.


Will my lawnmower break it?

   If given time to fully cure, normally 28-30 days most lawnmowers will not hurt it. However if you have a very large commercial grade mower or have a landscaper who does then caution should be used.

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